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This site was originally created and maintained by Art Ransom. The information collected here is the type of information that you can find at http://groups.google.com/group/legacy-ornamental-mills. I hope you will join us and contribute.

Hitachi M12V2 Router Spur Drive Split Rope Turnings Index Pin Modification Benchmark Legacy Mods and Tips - Link Increased Angle Modification Sanding Tip Mike's Radial Lathe Circle Molding Another Sanding Tip Balusters Mike Wilson Stand Long Barley Twist Another Sanding Rig Dust Screen Toy Gun Small Barley Twists Pilaster Mounting Tip Thumb Screws Kitchen Island Four Jaw Chuck Birdsmouth and Column Tips Mook Jongs Index Plates Thin Long Turning Tip Display Panel Headstock Bearing Modification Pair of Lamps Legacy's original Woodchuck Curt's Template Follower Prototype Z axis Brian Slater Modifications Hall Tree and Yo-Yo by Steve Vertical Mount Tons of Fruit Stop Blocks Split Nut Modification Sears Router Crafter Pie Crust Table by Don Table  by Greg Ambrose Wave Attachment - TK Reciprocator

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