After all of your suggestions, especially Steve G. and Curt, and some of my
own experiments, I have decided how I will proceed to make my pie-crust edge
table. It would have taken me a lot more time of experimenting without all
of your suggestions. Thanks. I have attached five pictures explaining the
The first one shows the two edge templates that attach to the rear template
rail- one for the outside edge and the other for the inside edge. I made
the templates out of " hardboard. I added a second hole and pin in the
platform, which I will explain in another picture.

The second one shows the new edge on a practice piece of mdf and the
platform that I used to mount the top. I made it out of ' plywood. Notice
that I had to offset the center of the top to the front in order to get the
rear edge inside the rail to route it. I also extended the front of the
platform outside the front rail.

The third picture shows the two pins in the platform that I used to place
the top in the proper position, one in the center and the other 4" - 5" out.
The fourth picture shows the back of the practice top. Since the templates
are 1/5 of the circumference of the top, I drew lines 72 degrees apart and
drilled shallow holes in each to match up with the outside pin in the
platform. ( disregard the holes x-ed out. I screwed-up there ) That way,
when I move the top around to each section , I am assured that the outside
and inside profiles match up, which is critical with this particular design.

The last picture just shows the profile I decided to use. I used a straight
bit on the outside and a core box and straight bit for the inside profile.
I'll send a picture of the finished candle stand when I reach that point. It
will be made out of cherry.
Zeke  ( Don Pearce )


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