Curtis George, Royal Oak Mi.


I borrowed the original gun stock from a friend. After receiving the gun stock I made a template of three-quarter inch plywood. The template gave me the shape of the rifle. On this template I laid out the mortises.

Once the template was made, all I need to do was to attach to the Legacy the template follower, followed the gun stock and cut it out from one piece of 2"x6" pine. (The pine board was handy, since I'm not going to actually make the rifle, and I did not want to waste a good piece of wood, it seemed to suit this purpose.)

Once the shape's and cut out, all I need to do was to taper the barrel end, and turned down the shoulder piece to size. (this part was done by eye, and in truth, I made a small mistake and made  it slightly thinner than the original.) After the stock was cut out, I use some modified router bits to mortise and index the stock. (2 router bit's, were modified, to make them five inches long. This gave me enough room to compensate for the angle.)

The picture of the rubber band Gun, was just my idea of how to utilize my scrap material. (And in truth, I am really enjoying this toy.) As a matter of fact, I am planning to use the template again, and to make a few more rubber band gun's. The rubber band gun took me approximately 10 minutes to cut out. And my boys love IT! :-)

Note.  Opens some interesting possibilities, AKA barrel of snakes, if  template rotates with the stock.


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Last modified: February 19, 2008