Tailstock Additions

Live Center by Bill Bulkeley

Here is my version of a slip on live center it fits both the Revo and my model 900 the bearings are (R12RS) .750" ID 1.625 OD.

The OD of my center is 1.925" I didn't know till I measured it just before I posted, I just turned it till it looked right the taper is 60degrees it just slips on (nice fit) no machining of both my centers on the Revo and the 900. I didn't turn a step in the outside because I hollowed it out inside to keep it light and it would have made it too weak or even break through .I might even make a large cone that fits over it as well It would be handy for large long hollows probably just out of wood.

A further note, my tail stock on the 900 is 1inch dia stepped down to 3/4 at the point

Editors Note: The diameter of the tailstock on the Legacy Ornamental Mills vary greatly. Your bearing sizes may also vary. Measure first before buying bearings.

Another member of the group, Roger showed us his version.

Roger L. wrote: This is a live center that we fabricated. The attached photos might give a little clearer picture in how it works. It's just a bearing that slides over the dead center and I drilled a small indent into it and turned a set screw in it worked very well.

Curt George pointed out that Legacy used to include a tailstock that had a 2mt Taper. He showed us his version of tailstock on his model 1000EX.

Back in 2007 Tracy Anderson posted this message in the group:

Legacy now offers a #2MT shaft for the 900, 1200 and 1800. The cost is $35.00 plus shipping (usually $6.00 UPS). You can then use any live center that you wish. Once you insert the live center you may have a very difficult time removing it because there is no through hole on the back of the shaft to drive the center out. We have played with the idea of the delrin piece that slides over the end of the dead center that acts as a live center. It can easily be removed at any time. I don't have a price on that piece yet. A third option is the delrin hubs that come with the Pilaster Mounting Dogs. You can purchase just the delrin hub for $10.00. It is mounted to the end of the stock with a couple of screws just like the Index Hubs at the Headstock end. It provides a bearing surface for the dead center to turn on. Hope this helps you out. If you have any questions you can call me at (800) 279-4570 or email me at tracy@legacywoodworking.com

Tracy Anderson Legacy Woodworking Machinery

Editors note: 3/11/2011 the Delrin center Tracy spoke of is the "Bull Nose Center" which is no longer available. The cost was $29.00. It did not fit the machines with a 1" diameter tailstock. Only the newer style of tailstock (after 2008) with the 5/8" diameter. Here's a photo of what it looked like.

I have also just added these pictures of the tailstock upgrade. Current cost is $29.00 plus $11.00 minimum UPS shipping. It is not shown on the web site, you must call and ask for it. I suggest speaking with John Hennen at ext 16.

Tim Krause suggested a solution to removing the live center. The tailstock upgrade can be easily modified by drilling and tapping a through hole in the 1/2" end for a 1/2" long 1/4-20 NC set screw. A 3/16" by 2.125" rod is placed between the set screw and the MT accessory. This allows you to eject the taper using the set screw to press the taper out of the socket. A shorter rod is required for MT accessories with a tang.

Tim Krause suggested a bolt on puck that could be used as a live center made from Delrin. It would act like a live center and protect the tailstock from getting damaged when using the pilaster dogs. It could also be bolted to your wood stock.


Tailstock Screw Hub by Tim Krause

I created this tailstock accessory to slip over the tailstock and allow me to screw various sized round plates to hold my centerless work that I do. Before I was using all kinds of blocks of wood turned to size. 

I used a piece of 1.5" Delrin rod and bored a 1" hole inside to match my tailstock diameter. 

 Then I added a 1/4-20 NC internal threads to the center.

This allows me to install different diameter discs required for my projects.

The Delrin block by itself can also be used as a pad to hold faceplate work or even a safety cover to cover the point when not in use.

Any question of comments, feel free to contact me