Curt George


This isn't really a new idea. I have been using a piece of plywood for years to hold the turning in place while cutting mortises and groves, I find the Legacy's locking pin is nice but for larger pieces of wood it isn't enough. I normally screw down the tail stock end of the wood to the plywood, This alum rail will make it much easer to lock down a large turning so I can mortise it.
Its simple to use, once the work piece is in place ,I place the stead rest at the end of the work piece and screw it down into the end grain of the wood. now I have two locked ends and the work piece will not move. For the next mortise all I need to do is remove the screw and readjust the work piece where I need it to be. and repeat the process.  Hopefully this idea isn't to simple ? 



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Last modified: February 19, 2008