Mike Pung
Mike's Custom Woodworking
Midwest City, OK

Here is the table base I was referring to.  I purchased this new bit from Magnate and needed to know how it was going to perform before cutting into the real project.  That is why there is mixed species. 
It's not an artistic statement.  It is accomplished with the 5" shaft, side fluting bit.  Shallow flute
style with a 1" diameter. and 1" of cutter height.  I used the y-axis follower 12 start on a 15 inch pitch.  I moved the split nut to index instead of removing the piece each pass.  15 inches times 4 teeth per inch = 60.  60 divided by 12 is 5 So I would reverse the carriage to the beginning then move the split nut 5 teeth and start again.  The second picture is of a way to keep your joints together even if the dowel is loose.  The furniture bolt will hold everything in place until the glue dries.  Then forever the the joint will have no hope of coming loose.  Enjoy

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Last modified: February 19, 2008