I had an order for some 2" by 48"stain grade dowels.  Normally I would have used a steady rest but I wanted to see if I could do them without a steady rest with the idea of being able to do the same on the Legacy.  I glued up the blanks with a 1/2" square tubing in the center.  The tubing had been wire brushed and then worked over with steel wool and Johnson's paste wax to keep the glue from sticking to it.  The    1 1/2" one on the right had a fair amount of whip and the 2" one on the left was a lot better but still had too much whip for the Legacy.  I was able to turn the 2" one at about 1500 RPM and keep the tolerance within 1/32".   I believe that using 3/4" tubing would be better for the lathe and 1" would work on the Legacy for pieces 3" by 6'.  


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Last modified: February 19, 2008