Headstock Bearing Modification

Curt George


Let me start by saying I'm sorry about all the ranting and raving I have done about those plastic bushings. I had another mishap with the Legacy personal again about price and what I really needed. To make a long story short I didn't buy their new head stock and tail piece. Instead I made my own! After I got started it turned out to be rather simple.

First I took two flat stock 2"x1/8"x 12 1/2" ( rough cut ) and tack welded them together. Next I took off the old headstock and traced the ends of the headstock (tails)on to the flat stock. then I cut to size. After playing around with a file I then placed the flat stock on the legacy rails, next I ran the tailpiece into the metal, leaving a small indentation, which is the machines center point. (why make a new tail stock? I like the one I've got! ) Then I marked the new brackets, so I couldn't get anything mixed up (top, face, left). The rest is simple, I found two nice flange bearings with a 1" center. I drilled the holes (to mount the flange to the flat stock and the clearance hole for the shaft.), Next I cut and bent the end brackets drilling the end holes (for mounting onto the legacy.) I separated the two pieces of flat stock. I then clamped everything together, I welded everything,( tack welds only at this point) I placed a long 1" rod in the bearing flanges. and checked with a square. Then I welded everything solid.

It works GREAT! with only one small problem, the locking pin needs to be relocated. (a job for tomorrow.) But tonight I'm TURNING! ;-) And I really like it! It sure beats spending good money, to fix something I can fix my self. any questions or comments please let me know what you think? C.A.G.

Side View of bearings Side View Side View Completed

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Last modified: February 19, 2008