Art Ransom
Lancaster, TX


OK so this is on my lathe but the same idea works on the Legacy.  This is a 10" 4 independent jaw chuck which is too large for the Legacy and weigh about 40 lbs.  Note the 1" wide plates welded to the jaws so they won't mark the wood.  When turning  spindle jobs I get the first one centered and when I remove the spindle I loosed only the 2 jaws that have the silver stripe marked on them.  Insert the new spindle and tighten the 2 marked jaws.  The piece is centered at the headstock an I only have to center the tailstock end.   Also when doing long slender spindles because the head stock end is firmly clamped the tail stock end is first fully seated and then pressure is released so there is no compression on the spindle which causes it to bow.  This reduces the amount of whip in long slender spindles.


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Last modified: February 19, 2008