Mike Pung
Mike's Custom Woodworking
Midwest City, OK


Picture of a twist that is 1.25 in diameter and 10"
long  You can see the saw blade on my table saw as a reference.  The
first one blew apart then I made the support and then it was a good day.
  By taking out the center to begin with, you are releasing any pressure
 that might be hiding in the wood so success would come easier on 2"
plus stock.  If you get below 2" stock you are really making a thin
wall that could catch and give you "goofy face" and the famous "that
 didn't work" or favorite cuss words.

Here is the bottom support that I use when things get a little thin.  The legs are clamped to the rails at appropriate height.  

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Last modified: February 19, 2008