Ball Attachment by Bill Bulkeley

Here is something I was playing with this weekend, a ball making attachment for the legacy. A way of making balls with out having to use a template and cutting from the side. The frame has adjustable height as well as adjustment on the router for balls from very small to the largest dia the legacy can cut. If you turn the router over and mount it from the other side (the triton routers have a quick release for detaching) I suspect I can turn hollows like bowls too.

Questions where asked about mounting the assembly on the outer rails and how the swivel joint was made. Bill said it wasn't practical to mount the attachment on the outer rails, I couldn't get the arc travel to make the ball with out hitting the inner rails. The swivel joint is just a spring washer with one of those Nylok nuts and the movement is not too stiff, just smooth. The feed is how fast you move your hand, it surprisingly doesn't chatter at all  

This is the first thing I tried, it's about a 2 inch diameter.

A request was made to make indexed "V" cuts in the ball and this plan was provided.

Bill responded - As you requested, I still had my test piece set up so it was easy. Nice pattern, I like it, especially the little point at the top. Note the stop made quickly from parts, one each way would help too I just stopped when I reached horizontal each time for this test but a stop would make it easier when indexing that way I don't need 3 hands to do the job.

But that is not where this story ends. The next step was for Bill to add a cable attachment so spirals could be cut.

OK, I added a little more to my ball making attachment I found if I add a wheel and a cable I can do spirals on balls. This is a 8 start, 5inch pitch using the tip of a 1-1/2 barley bit. When I get a chance I'll try a rope and barley twist and see what they look like

Just a test but it opens up some new ideas the cable is good for making the ball too but once you reach 90 degrees I need to hold the router from falling forward but this is no problem or trouble to do. Always cut from horizontal to vertical to keep tension on the cable and just move the carriage each time like doing a regular multi start spiral.

Here's a large finial for a staircase.

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Last modified: May 13, 2011