Router Cord Control

After reading a lot or previous posts, I saw that some people were having trouble keeping their router cords out of the way. Before I ever turned my machine on #900 I saw that the cord could easily be damaged if you are not careful.  In fact, a friend of mine told me the other day that he ran over his cord with the router.  Luckily there were no injuries.  I then mounted mine on the back of the template follower with two ty-wraps.  So far this has not interfered with the operation of the router.  I probably won't use any templates very often.  If I do, I will cut the ty-wraps off and use the templates.  After I get through, I will replace them.  Am enclosing a picture of my setup.  MickeyMac

Very Nice MickyMac
I had the very same problem a few years ago,
This is what I did.
My Legacy dose not move around my shop, so I sorta hard wired the cord onto a cable guide,and used a 1/8" cable with some hooks I installed into the 2x4's above my machine, I used shower curtain brackets and electrical bracket ties to connect the hole set up together. My set up cost me under $5.00 .
And Never again will I get my cord cut or caught in the workings of the Legacy . :-)
have a good night.