Model 900 Modification - Side Cutting Router

by Bill Bulkeley

Hi guys here is what I been doing to my model 900 I never did like how you did template work on it. so I did a bit of adding and now I can hopefully use the same router bits as the cnc demos show with a template and be able to do almost the same stuff as they do.(not all of us can afford a new wizz bang computer machine). as a added bonus if I use the double tooth sprocket it should give me the same pitches as the 4X multiplier gears. I haven't tried it yet I just finished it today. I made a similar thing on my revo it is what gave me the idea for the model 900. I'm also making a steady rest so I can remove the tail stock for nice long jobs what do you all think I'm open to any problems you might see with it all.


Editors Note: This is one awesome modification! This allows Bill to still use the template follower. The slot in the tailstock bracket allows a taper to still be made. For those looking for the Z axis following capabilities, here it is! Absolutely brilliant!