Mike Pung
Mike's Custom Woodworking
Midwest City, OK

I bough a Vega duplicator which is supposed to be the best on the market and got rid of it .   This appears far superior and cheaper.  It is my next project after Mike's sander. 

This is Mike's radial lathe.  Saw is mounted on the angle iron which extends past the pivot point and the stop block is clamped to the angle iron.  Saw is angled about 1 degree into direction of cut and both saw blade and stock rotate in the same direction so there is more of a shear cut.  By varying the height of the stop block and the height of the template the saw will cut to within 1/16" of final dimensions on these oak spindles.  

Picture below shows stop block that gets cut to within 1/4" of final dimension.  It is thicker so it will not get into the finer details of the template.


Picture below shows the steel stop block that is thinner and will get deeper into finer details of the template and in this case cuts the barrel of the baluster to final sanding diameter. 


Depth gauge  to check that the spindle diameter is correct.

Spindles showing some that are straight off the WoodChuck and some with the detail finished on the lathe.  

Here is the drive mechanics for the stock which rotates independent of the saw travel.  Mike, I assume that a motor drives this.  I guess that you are using a 1/2 HP washing machine motor .  Belted pulleys appear to be a 4 to 1 reduction.   If I am correct and the motor with a 2" pulley drives the large pulley  then there is a further 5 to 1 reduction giving a stock speed of  88 RPM.


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Last modified: February 19, 2008