Art Ransom
Lancaster, TX

This is my Hitachi 12V router.  3 1/2 hp, variable speed with soft start.  A great router For  $199 but now they have  dropped the price to $140.  I have welded an extension on the locking handle which makes it much easier to lock and unlock depth control.  Also notice that a router bit extension  is installed in the router.  This adds 2" to cutting depth and also makes bit installation MUCH easier!   See for more information.  Legacy was testing these to see if they were going to carry them.  I consider them a mandatory accessory  though there is one down side.  If your bearings are worn the bit extension will aggravate the problem so you will have to replace router bearing more often. 


My 1800 with the Moffatt light installed.  All I had to do was drill a 1/4" hole through the mounting base and screw to existing threaded hole in 1800 carriage.  Light uses up to 100 watt bulb and heat sinks keep it cool.  Gooseneck is stiffer than any others I have found an holds location you move it to in spite of machine vibration. Happy enough with it that I have bought 3 for my lathes .  I get mine from a turning club member and he can be contacted at Woodlatheacc@yahoo.comSee more details at .   Also the plunge bar from is a great accessory.  I had narrow it by 1/2" to fit the Y axis carriage. 


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Last modified: February 19, 2008