Curtis George, Royal Oak Mi.

Hello everyone

One of my projects, a staircase that have hollow end columns. What makes this special is not only the appearance of the spirals, but the added detail of a Plexiglas center that makes the columns light up at night.  First I took four 2x4" oak posts, I milled them flat, and then putting a one inch core box router bit in my Legacy , I then milled a groove into both centers of each set. Then gluing the two sets together. (I used to small pieces of Plexiglas, one on each end to make sure the center, would be in properly alignment .)  Next I milled the 2x4's round and then using a 2" barley twist router bit, milled a 2 start, 5 inch pitch barley twist. Then taking a half-inch is upward cut router bit, I milled into the center.  I replaced the two short pieces of Plexiglas rod with one longer in each post, that would fill the entire cavity.  On bottom of the column's there is a small box which has a night light inside it. At night if you hit the light switch, the end columns glow and light up the whole staircase.  I have used this method a number of times in different projects. Only then I used a contrasting wood (instead of Plexiglas.)  A friend of mine suggested that if I left the center core unglued and wedged it into place, once I cut into the core, I could either take out the core and reverse it to cause a different inside spiral then what was on the outside.

This picture was taken by my brother-in-law, who owns the house which I installed a staircase in. after I installed staircase, he and his wife painted my beautiful OAK..  Oh NO! I just looked at the picture, They took out the Plexiglas. 

(I should have listened to my father when he told me. "Never do business with friends or family".)


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Last modified: February 19, 2008