How To Mount A Chuck Or Faceplate on a Legacy Ornamental Mill

Here's a really basic tip that I would like to pass on. I've always felt that our equipment could benefit from having a shoulder on the spindle when mounting chucks or face plates. Those type of accessories need a surface to snug up against to become square. Today I proved my suspicion by measuring the run out of the accessories with and without a shoulder. I'll spare you the details of the numbers, but the amount of run out with a shoulder was half that of the stock spindle.

To create a shoulder on the spindle, I added a 1" shaft collar to the spindle. An added bonus of easy chuck removal is created. Since the threads of the chuck are not bottomed out on the spindle but butted against the shaft collar, you can loosen the shaft collar and the chuck will be free to remove.

Let me know if this helps anyone.


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Web Page added 2-15-2011