Greg Ambrose

It seems like a long time ago that I asked questions about making a round 46 inch kitchen table and how to set up the mill. Well, I took both a chair making class and the table making class so progress was slow.
I ended up making a 48 inch platform (from 3/4 inch MDF) and using angle iron to add support to it. I mounted that on the inside rail of the mill with the rail as low as it would go. To provide a pivot point I drilled a 1 inch hole in the MDF and in the table. That all worked fine although I would probably use a laminate covered board next time as the friction between the table and the MDF made for a good workout.
The top is made from hard maple (12/4 cut into 16 wedges) with a 3 inch chechen boarder. The 2 are held together with a tongue and groove that is 1 inch deep into the chechen. The chechen is actually 2 rings with a thin maple strip between then and this was sandwiched over the maple tongue. The center is a beech ring with canary wood inlay in the shape of aspen leaves. The apron is also made from chechen with the aspen leaves inlaid from canary wood. The pedestal is made using the birds mouth bit (12 sides) and turned with a simple 4 start rope. The feet are over 100 pieces of "scrap" chechen contoured to look like mountains. (we are lucky to live high in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by aspen and pine and that provides some of the inspiration for the design).

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Last modified: February 19, 2008