Sunburst by Don Pierce

I made the sun-burst out of cherry and the apron out of birds-eye maple for a contrast, but my Wife didn't like the contrast so I stained them to match. I set the cherry pc. in the center of the rotary table, tapered the x-axis rails as much as I could for the size of the pc. of wood, and made the cuts on the x-axis to get the taper toward the center of the sun-burst. I used a magnate #7504 plunge point round over bit and the 24 hole index plate,, indexing it every sixth hole for each cut. I then used a straight bit to cut it out as a semi-circle turning the handle of the rotary tableto make the cut. I then made a template of the semi-circle and used the template follower to cut a recess out on the maple apron for the sun-burst to fit. After a little hand work on the sun-burst I glued it into the apron.