Well, creating these templates was the easy part (see my post under "rosetts again" thread).  My CAD program prints them directly, so I spent some frustrating time to figure out how to make image files (these are PDF) with the exact size.  After converting them, I used Adobe Acrobat to print them, and they line up exactly with the printouts from my CAD program.  However, all I'll guarantee is that they are very, very close, not exact.  Print the file and cut out the template.  Tape it to a piece of 1/8" thick hardboard. Use the cross hairs to drill holes using a 13/64 bit (almost the same size as Legacy's Index Plate holes - I don't have a lettered set of bits).  I used a brad point bit to help align on the center of the cross hairs.  Then I mounted my router on a trammel (I don't have a rotary table yet), centered it on the cross inside the rectangle and cut a 5" diameter round plate.  Finally, chisel out the center rectangle to mount onto the headstock.  This set of files includes 28, 30, 32, 36, and 40 position templates, same as the index plate set Legacy sells.  Please let me know how they work out.


28 position template

30 position template

32 position template

36 position template

40 position template 

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Last modified: February 19, 2008