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I added a dust curtain to the bed of my 900 - it's cheap, it's easy and you can still easily reach in.

The curtain is cheap fabric ($2 a yard) that has no nap so it won’t catch dust and some bungee cord.  I made sure it’s quite a bit longer than the bed so there would be plenty of drop at the head and tailstocks.  Just sew a pocket

along the edges and insert the bungee cord.  Real hard.


Tie a knot (I used a figure-8 knot) in the ends of the rear bungee cord, lower the bed, and insert the bungee cord in the outer rail as seen in the picture.  This bungee needs to be tight, as this one won’t be moved.  The curtain will

hang from between the two rails (the bungee should sit inside the outer rail) where it shouldn’t interfere with template mounting or moving the rails up or down.   I used a bit of coat-hanger wire formed into a hook for the front bungee, but I think the bungee can just be pushed through the holes at the top of the rail-legs and knotted.  This bungee needs to be just short enough to hold up the curtain so you have enough stretch to easily pull it down and reach through.  Note that the curtain runs outside the Acme screw supports, this makes reaching  in easier.


Between the rails – I haven’t actually done this yet, but will, it needs it – cut two openings in the pockets at the center of the ends of the curtains, the same distance apart as the insides of the inside rails.  Run some bungee through these short sections.  Insert the head ends through the inside holes of the headstock near the rails, pull the bungee snug, but not tight, and knot it. Insert the tail ends through the rail where the tail-end handle is mounted

(you’ll need a washer here as the hole is to big) pull the bungee tight and knot it.  I don’t yet know if it will be necessary to have more bungee from the inner to the outer rails, I suspect if the curtain is thin enough to just fit from the outer rails to the bottom and across the lower, it will be alright.  Even if it is required, this should be as easy as the rest and can provide a little lift when you are raising the rails. 




Simple way to eliminate parallax  A glob of silicone and a piece of wire.


I finally mounted a digital gage on the Y-axis of my Legacy 900.  I got a  12" gage from eBay (search for "digital vertical" in business), it has about  12 3/4" of movement, relative or absolute measurement in inches or millimeters.

I’ve set the absolute to zero at the centerline of the headstock. Mounting it was easy: I used 1/8” aluminum that I already had.




The "Y-axis gage" picture shows the gage head mount, which uses some threaded holes that were already in the Legacy.  The gage head is fixed to the mount with double-sticky tape - hey, it works and it's easy.  Note that I can still use the original scale.

 The “Y-axis-gauge-mount” picture shows the mount at the rear – the front one is about the same except it is longer so I could round the corner to protect my fingers from sharp things.  Both mounts use the square mounting nuts that come with the Legacy.


Now what do I do with the nice wood box the gage came in?



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Last modified: February 19, 2008