History Of Phantom Engineering/ Legacy Ornamental Mill

History in a Nut Shell

From Tracy Anderson in 2010:

Here’s the history of Legacy’s Ornamental Mills in a nut shell. 1990 Phantom Engineering built and offered the Woodchuck model IRT33 (33” Indexing Router Table). It was made out of steel and had two flat tables on top with a gap between them for the router bit to extend through. It had a headstock and tailstock on an adjustable bed and an indexing head.

Later that year we designed a kit that you could build that was designed around the Woodchuck. The kit included the steel headstock and a couple of other components but everything else was made of wood based on the plans and templates included in the kit. It did not have any leadscrews to drive or position the router or any gears to cut spirals.

In 1991 we introduced the MA series Ornamental Mill that had a carriage for the router, leadscrews and gears and the adjustable bed. Still called the Woodchuck, the MA series was available in 4 difference sizes and lengths. Later we started Legacy Woodworking Machinery and introduced the Legacy Series and two updates later we have the Legacy model 900 and 1200.

From Andy on the origins of "Ornamental Mill" and "Ornamental Milling":

"We created the terms in the early days and stuck with it. "

In the Ornamental Milling News volume 2 issue 4 it was written "In June of 1996 Phantom Engineering introduced their new and improved Ornamental Mill, the Legacy".

Legacy has a long history of various machines. I will attempt to put together an illustrated time line of all of the machines that have come and gone. Many of the photos have been saved from Legacy's web site over the years. Their web presence started approximately in 1998. All dates are approximates.

Woodchuck IRT-33

The first machine produced by Phantom Engineering. Released as the Woodchuck Indexing Router Table. Also known as the IRT and also Woodchuck Router System.

  • 33" length by 7" diameter turning capacity.
  • 13.25 degrees of taper.
  • 16 and 24 position index plates included.

Optional Accessories:

  • Increase length to 80 inches.
  • Left and right spiral capabilities for 3,4,5,6, and 7-1/2" pitch.


Woodchuck/ IRT-KIT

This was designed as a DIY kit. The kit came with a plan set that allowed you to build the Woodchuck from wood. Included in the kit was an indexable headstock, 24 position index plate ,Auto Indexing hubs and an operation video.

Recommended length was 33".

Optional Accessories:

  • Index plates, 16,20, 32 positions.
  • Spiral attachment similar to the IRT-33 with updated plans.
Woodchuck MA
All Steel Construction , Template follower feature added, tilting bed, Y axis with screw, multiple geared motors for independent drive of the spindle and x-axis leadscrew, 19 pitches.

Steel Rails

Acrylic Gears providing 1/3", 1", 2", 3" and 6".

no taper

Options included a "Lathe Drive Package". This consisted of a gear set capable of creating a 1/32" pitch to be able to use the legacy as a copy lathe. The owner built a, "Template Support Holder."


No Image Available, referenced on an early version of Legacy's Web site.
Steel Rails, no taper
1000 and 1000L
See model 1500 below
  • Steel Rails
  • 5 pitches
  • 60" length turning capacity
1500 and 1500L

Same as 1500 but included all optional accessories available at the time.

  • Linear Drive
  • Elevation lift
  • Floor Stand
  • 20 total gear pitches
This is a model 500 according to the name plate on the machine. The owner is selling it as a Model 500 EXS. It's believed to have the same pitch capabilities as the earlier steel rail version but no information is available. The machine was offered for sale on Ebay in Nov 2012.

Introduction of Aluminum rails. No y-axis screw. Single direction spirals.

  • 2" thick by 8" wide flat stock
  • 5 1/2" dia. by 40" round stock capacity
  • Spiral Pitches: 1/2", 1", 2", 3", 6" and .33" per rotation
  • #2MT headstock with 1" -8 tpi threads will utilize most standard lathe accessories
  • Precision machined, laser cut and stamped steel construction, Acrylic gears.
  • 24" X 48" bench space required


  • 3.5" thick by 14" wide flat stock capacity
  • 10" dia. by 60" round stock capacity
  • Spiral Pitches: 2", 3", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 6", and 7 1/2" per rotation
  • Maximum taper angle: 2.5 degrees or 5.25" at 60"
  • #2MT Headstock and Tailstock
  • Index Drive Center (Headstock)
  • Live Center (Tailstock)
  • Quick release tailstock
  • Precision machined, laser cut and stamped steel construction with extruded aluminum rails.
  • model 1000EXS (40" capacity)
  • model 1000EX (60" capacity)
  • model 1000EXL (80" capacity)

Same as the 1000EXL but included:

  • Floor Stand with Elevation Controls
  • 90 VDC Linear Drive Motor Gear Cover & Dust controller
  • .25X Gear Reduction Set
  • 2X Gear Multiplier Set
  • Indexable Rotary Table


Replaced the model 600. New style bushings installed.

  • 2" thick by 8" wide flat stock
  • 7.5" dia. by 48" round stock capacity
  • Spiral Pitches: 2", 3", 6" per rotation
  • #2MT headstock with 1" -8 tpi threads will utilize most standard lathe accessories
  • Precision machined, laser cut and stamped steel construction.

No Spiral Capabilities. Economy model, no leadscrews

  • 3 Axis Control
  • Adjustable Bed
  • Indexing Headstock
  • Template Follower
  • 8" wide (flat stock)
  • 8" dia. by 48" round stock capacity
  • footprint: 60" X 16"
Replaced the model 800
  • 8" (up to 9" with stand) dia. by 48" round stock capacity
  • 14" wide flat stock
  • 7 pitches: 2", 3", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 6",
    7 1/2" per rotation.
  • Left hand spiral only
  • 24 position index
  • 4 degrees maximum taper
  • Footprint: 60" X 18 1/2"

Similar to the 900 with added features and length.

  • 11" dia. by 72" round stock capacity
  • Left and Right hand spirals
  • 3.1 degrees maximum taper
  • Floor stand
  • Dust control
  • Footprint 90" X 18 1/2"

Similar to the 1200 with added length and features.

  • 11" dia. by 96" round capacity
  • 2.4 degrees maximum taper
  • Included 2x and .25 reduction gears for a total of 19 pitches
  • Linear motor
  • 24, 36 and 40 index positions
  • 3 Horizontal Vises
  • Footprint: 128" X 18 1/2"

Z-axis introduced. 5" of travel.

  • Linear motor 30 IPM
  • 13" dia by 132" round capacity
  • 14" flat stock capabilities
  • 15 spiral pitches:
  • Indexing Positions: 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 40
  • Footprint: 146" x 22"
  • 1200 lbs.
No Image Available  

Similar to the model 2000 with added options.

  • 8hp 3 phase spindle
  • 50 IPM leadscrew drive
  • 1/4 hp spindle drive
  • 20 spiral pitches:

Affordable entry level machine designed for the craft market. No Y axis or taper. Introduced a floating Z axis that followed a template. No flat stock capability. No mt mounting.

  • 3" dia by 15" round capacity
  • 1.5" pitch
  • Left hand spiral only
  • 12 position index
  • Footprint: 24" x 9.5"
  • Spindle lock



The model 1800A is the same machine as the model 1800 without the Linear Drive Motor, .25X Gear Reduction, 2X Gear Multiplier, 5 Indexing Plate Set or the 3 Horizontal Vises.

The Revolution in Ornamental Mills. A new design that is more affordable. Introduced vertical clamping and dovetail templates. No provision for a 2mt tools.

  • 6" dia. by 32" round stock
  • 2" x 8" x 30" flat stock
  • 2,3,6 inch spiral pitches
  • 3 degree taper capacity
  • 24 position index
  • Two way adjustable vertical bed to make tapered and compound angle cuts
  • Overhead routing capabilities with accessory.
  • Footprint: 48"x24"
  • Optional gears for


Revo Craftmaster

The REVO Craft Package included the following:

  • The .25X Gear Reduction Set rather than the Standard Gear Set providing a means for creating spirals on smaller diameter stock such as pen and pencil blanks.
  • Spiral Pitch Drive Gears: 1/2", 3/4" & 1 1/2" per rotation (Left or Right Hand)
  • The Revo Pen Mandrel Kit 
  • The Revo Drill Chuck
  • Optional Gears for 4", 4½", 5" & 7½”
June 2011

The new manual Ornamental Mill (code named "Shadow") is based on the Arty CNC frame. It is CNC ready allowing you the options of upgrading to CNC at a later time. 

Designed to replace the popular model 1200, the Shadow is available in two sizes and features a wider welded and fully assembled frame, linear bearings and shafts, Z-Axis and Legacy's exclusive Adjustable Bed. 

36" Shadow Ornamental Mill $3,500
58" Shadow Ornamental Mill $4,200

To the best of the author's knowledge, only one of these models where sold.


Code Name "Robin"



This manual model started development in the first quarter of 2012. Release of the final machine has been reported near the end of the year. Designed to replace the model 900.

Initial specification for the ROBIN are, 36” between centers, 9” in diameter and about 11” on the flat.

It will include a Z Axis as standard and take a Bosch 1617 Router Motor. Note, the Z Axis can move 15 degrees either way in the X Axis and 5 degrees in the Y Axis.  You can feed work across the X Axis, about 8” x 2” by whatever length you want. It will feature linear bearings.



The Evolution came out of the development of the Robin. Delrin bushing where replaced with linear bearings and the center pass through stock width was increased and the diameter of the stock increased.

  • Maximum Length: 36" center-to-center.
  • Maximum Swing Diameter:10"
  • Machining Envelope: 8.5" X 36"
  • Maximum Width: 18" (feed through)
  • Spiral Pitches: 2", 3", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 6", & 7 1/2" per rotation.
  • Spiral Direction: Left & Right
  • Indexing: 24 Positions / 15 degree
  • Turning Taper Angle: 3.1 degrees maximum.
  • Spiral Taper Angle: 1 degree maximum.
  • Taper Diameter Difference: 9" maximum.

  • Footprint:
    64" X 26"

Legacy has made a few other pieces of equipment of interest.

2005 a "Horizontal Turning Center" also known as a "Moulding Center" was introduced. This was a combination of the rotary table and an x-axis. You could make round items up to 24" in diameter and 3" thick. It used the porter cable 7539 router. The router could be tilted and the rotary table could be index using the standard rotary table methods.

2006 Over head router. This combined their z-axis with a table. It used a pin router style for routing shapes using templates. A circle attachment and edging accessory was also made available.

2006 Legacy Workstation A portable stand that had foldable table leaves.

2006 A down draft table available with one or two fans creating 665 cfm or 1330 cfm of air flow.

2008 Marks the entry of Legacy into the CNC world with the offer of a kit to modify a manual machine to a CNC. They offered a "Standard" and "Performance" package. They also offered a rack and pinion upgrade before discontinuing the upgrades in 2011.


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