This is a 2.5" x 10" tall black walnut peppermill, the hardware I got from Craft Supplies, if memory serves. It's the first peppermill I've done, though I have a lathe also.

This was turned with 2X gear set, 10" pitch, 20 starts, and using the small 1/2" rope bit for pens. Router at 16K speed.

From this experience, what I found is that I got alot of tearout on the side grain section that cut uphill (is that correct term?), like petting a cat from it's tail to the head. Could be my planing bit needs a professional was used when I bought the 1200 used also. So, may have been due for sharpening.

I ended up putting the whole thing back on my lathe and used a skew to clean up the areas between and outside of the twists. Worked out ok. Next time, I think I'd try to taper down to the union looks 'too straight' right now. Good learning experience regardless. Finished with Danish Oil, one coat.